Innovative Natural Selection AI vision solutions

Detection of any kind of objects on huge image data

does not produce a computationally expensive Neural Network but an image processing solution with high accuracy in detecting and segmenting objects for any kind of images

We support heterogeneous architectures

x86 CPUs with AVX2 and AVX512, ARM CPUs, CUDA-capable GPUs, more to come soon

Company’s name is philosophy: we let algorithms compete against each other and keep the best one. This also applies to hardware: we take the best for the job (CPU/GPU). This philosophy also applies to our product, which we constantly improve not to become a victim of natural selection.

Unique Artificial Intelligence Software

detection of defects and irregularities in industrial applications requiring quality control. Can be applied to different kinds of industrial products: textile, nonvowens, paper, glass and many more

Cost Saving

Upgrade your current system with NaturalSelection AI instead of ordering a new one

NaturalSelection.AI is essential to use if

  • analysis of huge image data
  • high speed with affordable hardware
  • high segmentation accuracy
  • increase of productivity
  • minimization of the influence of human factors (recognition error due to fatigue)
  • reduction of production costs
  • improvement of production quality

is needed


Discover Natural Selection AI

Who We Are

Young company with great experienced developers looking for challenges.

What We Do

Unique Artificial Intelligence Software for detection of defects and irregularities which can be used in various industries.

Creative Process

The basis of creativity and the creative process of natural selection is to explore new ways.